Most common UX/UI mistakes

23 juin 2016 / Order Group

In October last year we posted best sources to learn UX. We wanted to take this matter further since UX as well as discussing and exploring User Interface design(UI) is lately very popular. We know that a positive user experience can boost business and customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, a study conducted by shows that 44% of online shoppers evaluated online stores negatively. More than 40% of shoppers agreed that location of products on a site was unintuitive. No good.

Every UX Designer or Web Designer should seek to design an app or a website enjoyable to use. The main objectives on which designers should primarily focus are: functionality, intuitiveness, usability and in the case of eg. online stores — conversion. Frequently, however, many designers concentrate on visual effect rather than the function. Nice-looking site is not enough to engage the user.

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